Meet me!

Hi, I’m Melissah! (yes, with an “h”)


I’m a 22-year-old new grad that has just moved to Chicago for my first job.  I started this blog during my junior year of college, and have been cooking and baking ever since. When I’m not working (I work for a start-up that makes a data crawling software) or cooking, I like working out, shopping, watching movies and exploring my new city! 

My main passion really is food, which includes eating, cooking, baking, reviewing and recipe hunting!  I come from a family of food lovers, actually– my dad has a degree in the culinary arts (french) and my mom has a collection of recipes that is at least a couple thousand deep.  The only person in my family that doesn’t appreciate the difference between a McDonald’s big mac and a medium-rare kobe beef burger is my ten-year old brother, John… which just serves as further proof that my parents took the wrong kid home from the hospital. Just kidding.

Anyway, I take my pictures with a Nikon D70s and use a 50 mm lens (it’s the best, budget-friendly lens I’ve found so far. Do message me with other suggestions if you have them though!).  I am in no way shape or form an expert with photography, but I am excited to learn more about the art of a great food photo.  I hope you like my recipes, happy cooking, eating and baking!




4 thoughts on “Meet me!

  1. hi melissah,
    I want to try one of those kobe beef burgers, will you make me one?
    I like your blog.
    Finally guess who-nhoJ

  2. congratulations on your move to the windy city, love! i love the new look on your blog – keep cooking and keep writing! xoxo, molly b

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